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A case study: how big data help a non-IT company improve delicacy management (Part 2)

In the digital era, consumer goods companies, like internet companies, use internally and externally generated data to create user profiles and membership systems to have more targeted and segmented production, operation, and sales. Their demand far exceeds what the human brain or Excel-powered traditional consultancies are able to do. Data technology is like a palantír in J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings—a crystal ball used by man and elf as a means of seeing events in any part of the world. By contrast, human vision, no matter how acute, can only extend as far as one’s eyes can reach.

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The cybersecurity challenge

Cyber-threats are now becoming systemic in the world economy. Concern of all actors involved is rising, to the extent that it may lead to a global counter move against digitisation that would consequently have a...

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Has IoT increased our exposure to cyber threats?

Cybersecurity is already top of the agenda for many corporate boards, but the scale and scope of Internet of Things (IoT) deployments escalate security risk, making it harder than ever for C-suite executives to protect...

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Why American internet companies fail in China: a cultural perspective

Almost without exception, over the past 20 years or so, some of America’s most successful internet companies have come confidently to China, only to later stagger out in defeat. To understand what went wrong for...

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Advance Amid Choices: Technological Development, Business Innovation, Laws & Regulations

Rapid technological upgrades and commercial innovation, coupled with a slow legislative and regulatory process, have given rise to successive social issues and disputes: Should platforms like Uber be legalized or not? Should Apple’s encryption technology...